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Recording: The Inflammatory Commonality Among Viral Infection Severity, Osteoarthritis, and Infertility (1 CEU)

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Dr. David Seaman
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Dr. Seaman provides engaging and entertaining classes about pain/health management in the context of lifestyle factors that prevent patients from achieving their pain-relief and overall health goals.

During chiropractic college, Dr. Seaman became interested in what it was about patients who did not respond to traditional chiropractic care. This led him to investigate pain mechanisms in more detail after graduating from college. He sought guidance from pain researchers at the University of North Carolina and the University of California.

He ultimately published four scientific articles about barriers to effective weight management, pain syndrome classification, diet-induction of inflammation and pain, and pain expression in the context of the pro-inflammatory state created by an elevated body mass index.

These articles have been referenced by researchers from Harvard Medical School and many other universities in the United States, as well as universities in Canada, Brazil, Iran, India, Russia, Japan, Thailand, China, Australia and several European countries. This demonstrates that chiropractors can be accepted by mainstream medicine when a common language is spoken.

Dr. Seaman is the author of The DeFlame Diet.